Who to call in an emergency

Emergency Service Telephone
Medical Emergency (υπηρεσίες παροχής έκτακτης ιατρικής περίθαλψη) Tel: 112
Fire Service (Πυροσβεστική Υπηρεσία) Tel: 199
Ambulance service (Υπηρεσία ασθενοφόρων) Tel: 166
Police (αστυνομία) Tel: 100
SOS Doctors (SOS Γιατροί) Tel: 10 16
Tourist Police (Τουριστική αστυνομία) Tel: 1571
Coast Guard (Ακτοφυλακών) Tel: 108
Special Violent Crime Squad  Tel: 10 14
Forest fire service (Πυροσβεστική Υπηρεσία) Tel: 191


Emergency Call Urgent Accidental Hotline Paramedic Concept

European SOS 112

The number 112 can be dialled to reach emergency services – medical, fire and police – from anywhere in Europe. This Pan-European emergency number 112 can be called from any telephone (landline, pay phone or mobile cellular phone). Calls are free. It can be used for any life-threatening situation, including:

  • Serious medical problems (such as accident, unconscious person, severe injuries, chest pain, seizure)
  • Any type of fire (house, car)
  • Life-threatening situations (crimes)
  • Information on the 112 number from the European Commission website

Crisis and Helplines

Alcohol/drug addiction helpline Tel: 210 361 7089
Drug abuse helpline Tel: 1031
Alcoholics Anonymous Tel: 210 522 0416
National Centre for Immediate Social Assistance – EKAKB Tel: 197
HIV/Aids support Tel: 210 722 2222
SOS Crisis helpline Tel: 197
Children’s helpline Tel: 1056
Women’s abuse helpline Tel: 210 331 7305
Citizen’s helpline Tel: 1595


In general, pharmacies in Greece are open Monday and Wednesday from 08:00-14:30, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 08:00-14:30 and 17:30- 20:00.

At least one local pharmacy will be open at any time of the day. Details of and schedule for this “duty pharmacy” can be found in every pharmacy window and in the local newspapers.

  • To find a pharmacy on duty in Athens Tel: 14 944


There are many state hospitals that work on an on-call rotation. Public and some private hospitals provide emergency services. To find out which hospital is on duty for emergencies:

  • Tel: 14 944 or 171